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Restless Nights

Dec. 24th, 2007 | 04:43 am

I'm breaking my hiatus from LiveJournal to post these pics of my buns!

My foster boy, Buddy:

Soaking up the love like the love sponge he is:

"Big Ears" (aka Mocha Jane) :

And .... the love of my life:

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Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Nov. 22nd, 2007 | 01:57 am

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. I've always felt it was what Chri$tma$ wishes it was. Although, being in NY, the day of thanks definitely feels squished - sure, they have the Macy's Parade, but in a city that is awash in Xmas decor the day after Halloween, Thanksgiving sometimes has the feeling of a day that simply is the last day before the holiday "shopping season". Being that I don't work at PR Newswire anymore, I can't be enticed by a few crummy extra dollars (or guilt tripped or forced) to work on the big day, however, having to find a qualified bunny sitter & then find the money to pay him/her just wasn't an option this year, so I will be remaining in Park Slope celebrating it with friends. Most of the people who will be at Jill's have made me laugh harder than I have in a long time. Here is a random photo set of the funniest people I know - Jill, Brendan (the ginger one) & Dan (aka Schwimms).


I will be snapping some picks at the big dinner as well & hopefully Matt will bring his camera so we can do "portraits" of my wonderful buns.

As for the shelter buns, they will be spoiled rotten on Thursday by the bun volunteer, Kerstin. I will be with the little furry monsters on Friday. I bought all their special treats today - dandelion greens, parsley, purple kale, romaine lettuce, granny smith apples & pumpkin pie mix to indulge their sweet tooths. I have been forgetting to bring my camera the past few Friday's but I will absolutely be bringing it with me this week - I love having a record of these amazing souls, sometimes when they don't make it it's comforting to look at them and remember that they did exist & as small as they were physically, as short a time as they had on Earth, they still had the ability and the strength to make an impact in this life. And when they do make it & get adopted into perfect homes, it is nice to be able to look at the fear and the hope in their eyes at the shelter, because these little squirts are filled with hope. I am so thankful I got to know these creatures. I can't imagine my life without them.

We've had a tough few weeks at the shelter, losing three buns. We lost a wonderful companion, Biggie, he was such a little curious George. I cried so hard when I heard that he died under anesthesia while being neutered. I am comforted that he never felt any pain. Snow, however, was in misery for a long time. She came in with severe muscle atrophy - the probable result of being in a cage too small for her. She was also very sick & we can only hope she took some small comfort in knowing that she was loved when she was with us. The third death is poor Mookie. I didn't have my camera so the only picture I can post is Mookie's "mug" shot. He was dumped off at the shelter with his brother, they were both very sick. Mookie, unfortunately didn't make it. He was brought to a private vet once we realized how sick he was & was given the best care, his brother Mica was even allowed in with Mookie since they were so depressed without the other one. Mookie died of a contorted gut. Mica went into a depression and stopped eating, but was adopted on Saturday & is doing wonderful, though probably still just a little heartbroken.

Mookie, Biggie & Snow, may you all rest in peace.

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Gratuitous Cuteness & Shameless Plugging

Nov. 7th, 2007 | 01:27 am
mood: awakeawake

There has been a considerable lag time in between postings, thank you bunfriends for pointing out the obvious to me! But I am taking some time to reconfigure the format & voice of this humble little space on the internet. Somewhere along the way I veered into insufferably cute territory & emotional rantings on how poor "fluffy" ended up at the shelter. The spirit I started writing here was to document ideas & the efforts of animal rescue groups to make a real difference in making euthanasia due to space constraints unnecessary - at least for rabbits.

Well, one way rabbit rescuers fight euthanasia is by fostering rabbits. While I don't go out on a limb and claim to be saving lives here, I know that I've changed the life of four rabbits for good. Adopting two beautiful brown buns, fostering a stunning Dutch boy, Buddy, and recently, rescuing one of the worst cases of rabbit neglect anyone at the shelter had ever seen. Her name is Tandy & she had been languishing at the shelter since Sept. 22. Only a couple of weeks ago were her scabby wounds healed & her fur regrown enough to be spayed. She is recovering in an emergency foster home & will be moving to her forever home this weekend (Alas, though I am partial to the mini-lops, I have set the limit at 2 buns for me, so she is going to another home).

Tandy wasn't going to be euthanized in a literal sense, but the shelter was breathing down our back to "move our rabbits out." We have a wide network of 20 foster homes & altogether there are more than 20 rabbits in foster care. In addition to the 15 rabbits we had at the shelter. There were simply no options. Adoptions have stagnated. We had to move the rabbits to a 4-H club in Franklin Township, NJ.

Rabbit rescuers are divided on 4-H clubs, particularly this one. Some rescuers do actually believe the rabbits are better off being euthanized. The cages they are kept in are too small for them to even turn around in, they are wire top & bottom & the woman who "rescues" them only gives them pellets. When it was proposed to her that Rabbit Rescue & Rehab volunteers would contribute financially to a "green veggie" fund for these rabbits, we were told in no uncertain manner that it would just never happen.

I, however, choose to believe that most anything is better than our rabbits, many of whom are 9-10 months old, being put to sleep. The 4-H lady does adopt the rabbits out & I hope & pray that people who love rabbits will adopt Hercules, Athena, Rhonda, Betsy, beautiful Juliette, and the effortlessly elegant Janice. They are all too precious & came in to the shelter from such unimaginable suffering, many as strays, that they deserve a second chance at happiness.

But on to the gratuitous cuteness. My foster bunny, BUDDY, really needs a home. Actually your home - that's right, YOU!! He is approximately 9 - 10 months old and a real curious george. He loves to explore rooms from top to bottom. He also loves darting and binkying all over the place; sometimes, he gets so into his binkies that he will slam his body into your leg & he still won't stop binkying. Needless to say, he takes his playtime seriously.

BUDDY was brought into the shelter from someone who had found him hopping around a park in the Bronx. He was underweight & scared when he came to us in August. Over the months, we have witnessed him mature into a fine young boy with none of the Bronx 'tude you would expect of a stray rabbit! He loves having his head & cheeks rubbed & will bunny purr so loud you can feel his teeth grinding. BUDDY is a real lap bunny & will always hop over to you, to check in, grab a quick snuggle before he's off exploring another nook or cranny of the apartment.

As his foster mom, I really love this guy & want him to go to a loving home. BUDDY is litterbox trained & gets along well with my rabbits (both girls, I wouldn't recommend putting him with a boy). He is not a bunny for small children, though, while he doesn't bite, he is territorial about his food dish & will lunge if he sees you taking it away from him, even just to refill it. This is a result of him being at the shelter for so long. He didn't exhibit this territorialness when he first came to us. However, he is a real sweet love of a bun & if you give him the chance, he will make you so happy. Here are some pics of BUDDY at a Mayor's Alliance event in Central Park this summer:

Look how snug BUDDY is in the little boy's arms!! awwww....

BUDDY is really beautiful & unique looking. His brindle coloring makes many men stop in their tracks & tell me how BUDDY reminds them of a pitbull. BUDDY does have the mischievous spirit of a terrier, now that I think about it.

BUDDY is a frequent guest at the Union Square Petco on Saturdays as well. Please join us, Rabbit Rescue & Rehab downstairs at the Petco, Union Square from 2-5 pm. BUDDY's next scheduled appearance there is November 17. He really can't wait to meet YOU!!

BUDDY will also have his own poster display at the D'Lovely girls' amazing donut shop (aka the front stoop at 53 7th Avenue). Those girls, and their dog, Lola Bean, make the most delicious donuts! Where else can you find fresh, homemade donuts & adoptable rabbits all on the same brownstone stoop?

For more information on caring for & loving your house rabbit, go to: www.rabbit.org & www.rabbitcare.org.

Bunny Hugs!
BUDDY's foster mom

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A great week for buns!

Oct. 20th, 2007 | 01:03 am
location: in bed, duh
mood: awakeawake
music: So You Want to be A Rockstar - The Byrds

Well, not a great week in terms of adoptions at the shelter (zero) but measuring success by numbers is so finance-y! This whirlwind week featured the welcome addition of some amazing bunsouls, incredible progress in my fosterbun, Buddy's temperment as well as the that of resident shelter hellraiser Melissa's. Also, I was the (humble) subject of an interview on volunteering with rabbits for a Japanese newspaper. Whew!

I must say, working as a production intern for a television show, it is a lot of work prepping for an interview. So much work, that I had just assumed it was easy for these subjects to just breeze in, blabber away & be edited to succinct perfection. Of course, it is nothing like that! I couldn't help but feel I was rambling away - too much detail here, not enough detail there. Plus weird thoughts raced through my head - will my voice annoy the unlucky soul who must slog through this transcription? Why didn't I take my allergy meds, it would have lessened the nasal sound a bit (the answer to this last question at least, is easy - I have no health insurance anymore, so I have resorted to hoarding my remaining meds for when I "really" need them).

I did get some chuckles from the interviewer when I started talking about what I love about buns. Obviously, this is a very difficult question - what don't I love about them?! I started talking about their inherent gentleness through their vegetarian lifestyle and the chuckles began. I moved on talking about how indomitable their spirits are. So many buns come into the shelter, into my life & into my heart after facing so much terror, abuse, and uncertainty & they are so ready to give another human another chance. These wonderfully forgiving creatures have so much optimism and put so much (undeserved) faith in the kindness, in the humanity of those they come into contact with that it can be overwhelming at times. I work daily at being positive, seeing the good in others, being non-judgemental and it is the natural state of these glorious creatures. Plus, they're adorable, I hope I remembered to say that - it would be nothing short of tragic that I get to speak on the record about buns & I forget to say I love them because they're cute!

I will be linking to that article as soon as it comes out - But I know you don't come here to read my words ... so ... here is the lovable Chuck who will be appearing in the article with me, they took his picture with me.

And - here are pics of Mocha's babies in a box. They were at the shelter last week getting spayed & can be seen Saturday at the PetCo in Union Square from about 2 until 5:30ish or so. So come and get your buns while they're hot!

Now this is what we in the biz call a fur pile!!


The annual House Rabbit Society meeting is this Sunday!!

RRR/HRS 13th Annual

WHEN: Sunday, October 21, 2007, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

WHERE: Radisson Hotel
One Radisson Plaza, New Rochelle, NY

I will be sure to give the full report with pics early next week. In case you are there & are looking for gingerbunmom, this is what I look like when I take pics of myself in my dark, dank apartment at 4 a.m.!!!
Tellingly, the image is saved as fake_smile.jpeg.


My brother is coming to spend the week with me but does not know about the third bun, Buddy, yet! What is a girl to do?! To her credit, my sister has managed to keep this secret, but it is obviously about to explode (or do secrets implode) on me!

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The 5,000 word post

Oct. 14th, 2007 | 06:09 pm
location: in bed (where else?!)
mood: calmcalm

If a picture is worth a thousand words ....

At the shelter I'm usually prepared for anything and everything - until one night we got in 18 baby chicks... and I immediately suffered several simultaneous heart attacks from the cute 'splosion!

And now, since I've been blog-neglecting the namesake of this very page, I present to you, Ms. Ginger Madeleine!

Now, I must get ready to go over Dan's house for a delicious exchange. I give him a have a heart mouse trap & he feeds me mac & cheese - yummy!

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Venti Mocha

Oct. 2nd, 2007 | 11:32 pm
location: in bed, watching Leno
mood: sleepysleepy

Mocha has been full of mischief lately. I caught her & Buddy (my foster bun) kissing! While I was caught without a camera to capture that event, here is Mocha moments before launching that bulky body of hers onto my bed. While it is a picture phone (since I was still in bed!) the cuteness still shines through.

And where are the cute pics of my little Ginger Madeleine, you ask? Good question, she has been shedding like crazy lately and now her fur is silky soft again. Her & my foster boy, Buddy have been incredibly adorable and I will start doing "photo" posts, just putting up pics without words.

Yay! Lazy blogging! Stay tuned!!!

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The Brave Ones

Sep. 26th, 2007 | 12:14 am
location: in bed listening to music
mood: gloomygloomy
music: A Sunday Smile, Beirut

Last week I went to see 'The Brave One,' with bunauntie Jill. I had originally written a post of this movie as a draft because how, I wondered, could I possibly tie in such a violent movie to a post about vegetarian, gentle and soft creatures. Without giving anything away, the film is very violent. The raw emotion inspired me. "I'm gonna go all Jodie Foster on anyone I see dumping their bun in Prospect Park," I mentioned to Jill and smiled, feeling satisfaction from that somehow. Although in the interest of full disclosure I should mention that the last time I was put in a position to go "Jodie Foster" on anyone, I fell to the ground, crumpled into a ball and peed my pants. Later, after being mugged & kicked around I watched 'The 40 Year Old Virgin.' Needless to say, it remains the lowest ranked film I've ever rated on my Netflix queue (I gave it even fewer stars than Dreamgirls, which is the worst movie ever).

But I digress.

The casual way people neglect and then dispose of their animals keeps me awake at night. Like a disillusioned soldier in war, I don't want to know them, I don't want to be haunted by these lost souls anymore. I walk by with my eyes averted and sometimes I just want them to shut up. I don't want to hear their scared cries, the incessant meowing. Though I am not proud of feeling this way, I try to comfort myself by thinking that I do try to make a difference in the lives of rabbits. I do what I can do and I am terrified by how much more needs to be done and that is how I make it through my volunteer shifts.

Friday, I was brutally shaken out of my comfort zone.

Walking through the medical ward to get more cardboard to line the rabbit litterboxes and cages, I saw a dog laying still on a flatbed handtruck, blood dripping from its head and trickling off the garbage bag tucked underneath it. This handcart was parked right in front of several banks of cages filled with living dogs and cats. I stared so hard at the smooth chestnut coat of this dog and imagined I saw its chest rising and falling. I ran into the medical room. "Is that dog okay? The dog who just got hit by a truck?" Without waiting for an answer, I ran out. I found someone else, "Is that dog okay?" "You mean the dead dog?" Everything that followed those words was a blur to me. Cops. Shot in the head. Warrant.

Should I be more comfortable with these words and images? Bullet holes in the head. A taut, stocky body lifeless. Blood everywhere. The screams of the living dogs and meows of cats who were forced to look upon this mess. I don't know. I saw a dead dog but I didn't see the deceased body of an animal that was bred to kill. I saw shiny fur, a blocky head, little, clipped ears and paws that were almost comically too big for this little creature.

Is my only comfort knowing that this dog's life was so shitty that getting its head blown off was somehow the best it could have hoped for? I walked past its corpse several more times, turning my body just so, careful not to get any blood smeared on me. My heart clenched up each time I walked by, but it didn't break me. At the end of the night, I closed the door to the rabbit room and turned off the lights and crouched down. I expected to cry but I didn't.

Will this bloody face eventually blend in with all the other pitbull faces I've seen come and go from East Harlem?

I am so tired of seeing these scared faces and laying awake at night thinking about them, I think that they have broken me. At the shelter I see giant flatbed handtrucks being rolled past me with cages stacked 4 feet high with cats. Eyes that follow me, heads that turn as I walk past a room. They follow me everywhere, rows and rows of dog eyes, rows and rows of cat eyes, and rows and rows of rabbit eyes. Meows, barks, chicken & rooster screams. I just want everyone to shut up sometimes.

In a shelter, though, silence is death.

Buddy, the boy I am fostering, had started to become silent. Since rabbits don't vocalize, they grab your attention by sticking their heads out of the cages, sitting on their hind feet, spilling their food to make you laugh. Two months had tired him out. The stench of too many animals crammed too close together, incessant barking, strange fingers sticking through the bars of his cage. He'd given up. He would lunge and growl whenever anyone tried to let him out or clean his cage. He would lay on his side, lifeless. People started asking if he was okay. We gave him one last chance to be adopted. He was at the Mayor's Alliance Festival in Central Park, and as you can see from the photos, a lot of people held him, petted him, he was sweet as pie to everyone who touched him. And though he didn't get a forever home, I brought him to my home and he is flourishing here.


He simply melts into bunny slipper position whenever anyone touches his head. He can't get enough attention.

I don't know how to fix things so that no more pets have to die or be terrified, or hungry and attention starved, but I know I can rub little Buddy's head and it makes him feel so good and happy. It makes me feel good, too. Stroking his head, scratching his chubby cheeks, I'm not just fostering an animal, I'm nurturing a life. And his life counts, every pet's life counts and they matter and their happiness and comfort is important. It's the most important thing in the world to them, so when I'm with them, I try to convey that it's the most important thing in the world to me, too.

I will close with Shirley - a lovable, sweet girl who wants you to take her home so she can give you gentle bunny kisses and snuggle next to your leg while you pet her head for the rest of her days. She deserves the good life as much as anyone I've ever known.

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Sep. 21st, 2007 | 12:42 am
mood: hopefulhopeful

Last fall I began dreaming of buns. I don't know what exactly clicked inside of me at that point which made me feel that I urgently needed a furry friend, but something did and I would lie awake at night looking at the endless parade of homeless and formerly abused buns who were in the pound, in foster care, in non-kill shelters, all desperately waiting for me to make up my mind!

With that kind of pressure I was bound to question my choice. No, not that I regretted Ginger Madeleine for an instant, she is such a furry treasure and I love her so much, too much even. It's just when I saw her at Petco, there were hordes of people around her, sticking their hands in her cage, touching her. Her eyes were huge with fright, she was visibly stressed by the overload of attention. Next to her pen was the pen of the most massive bun I've ever seen. I heard more than one person walk by the pen and chide, "White rabbits with red eyes scare me," or, "gross, that is a creepy animal." I often wonder if I should have adopted Rose, a New Zealand White rabbit instead of the more "adoptable" Ginger. After all, Rose had been at the shelter much longer than Ginger & she continued to languish there for a few months afterwards. Right when I first started volunteering there she finally got adopted.

Well, bunfriends, I am happy to report that she is doing well and in a wonderful home & has a husband who loves and protects her. As it turns out, one of the volunteers had adopted her & I just never knew that! Rose is an incredibly living teddy bear and I got a picture of her with her hubby, Monty:

I love how her eyes are closed and her head is nestled in to Monty while he remains seated there, on full alert like a little sentinel. He looks so protective of his beautiful companion. Sigh, rabbits could teach the human species a thing or two about romance ...


Well, lovers of furry creatures, be sure to come to Central Park on Sunday for the Mayor's Alliance/Pet Adoption Festival!! Be sure to look for the Rabbit Rescue & Rehab booth which will feature some of our adoptable buns, including a bundeful brown & white dutch boy, Buddy. I will post pics of him plus more of our little crew after tomorrow's shift at the shelter.

Sunday, September 23, 2007 (rain or shine)

Noon–5:00 p.m.

Central Park, East Drive, south of the Mall (enter the park at East 59th or 60th Street), Manhattan

In addition to adoptable animals, each event features a steel drum band, low-cost microchipping ($25) for dogs and cats, and Ask the Veterinarian, Ask the Trainer, Ask the Groomer, and Ask The TTouch Practitioner booths.

For more information, contact the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals at (212) 252-2350 or info@AnimalAllianceNYC.org.

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Diary of a Mad Bunmom

Sep. 15th, 2007 | 12:27 am
location: the BK
mood: sadsad

Well, bunpeople, no news is not good news in my case. The past few weeks have been quite hectic at the shelter. We were at over capacity several times, which means as soon as the foster homes fill up, the bunny ward gets further "cleared out" by sending buns to Mark Marrone's pet store in Long Island.

Although a total weirdo, he plainly loves animals so it is all the more surprising that he has repeatedly refused to screen potential rabbit adopters & he doesn't let us provide our rabbit care literature in his shop. I will introduce you to some of the buns who now live in his store, waiting more patiently than we have a right to expect for someone to finally give them the love they deserve. (ed note: they will be introduced in my next post, this is already a long post!)

As hard as it is to let them go & to trust the pet store system, the system which has miserably failed these amazing souls, I can sleep at night knowing these kids still have a chance at finding a wonderful home. Some, like little Bridget, were never afforded a second chance.

A kind soul had seen Bridget in Prospect Park, Brooklyn & brought her in to the East Harlem shelter. Where she had fur left, it was a beautiful cream and gray color. She had giant ears which made her head look like a bobble head on her absolutely emaciated frame. Surprisingly, these weren't the most horrifying indications of abuse. Her front legs were fused in a splayed out position making movement nearly impossible & the fact that she was dumped to fend for herself in a park that much more horrifying.

I wish I had a picture of her to share with you, but I didn't have my camera with me when she was there - she was moved into foster care to be cared for by an utterly amazing woman who loved Bridget very much & gave her more love in the last 8 days of her life than she most likely ever knew during her brief time on Earth. Rabbits don't have a perception of time, so I hope that she died peacefully, thinking she had led a good life based on the last comfortable five days of it.

Below is the email from Bridget's fosterbunmom, explaining the emotional response and practicalities she had to deal with in making the decision to send Bridget to Bun Heaven.

"I'm sorry to have to report that beautiful Bridget was put to sleep at Jennifer's yesterday [Sept. 1]. She just had too many problems, and they were permanent. She wasn't going to get any better, and she could get worse.

"She had some sort of neurological problem with her left rear foot. She wasn't moving it properly, and she was doing something called "knuckling" with the toes on that foot--curling them under. It's an involuntary position--she probably had limited sensation in the foot. Her spine was also slightly curved.

"Of course we all saw the splay leg condition, too, which might have been partly caused by the problem in the back. Her right front foot was deformed, curved inward from constantly taking the weight off her back. It was not just that she was turning it inward voluntarily, the bone was actually curved. This had been going on a long time. She had quite a bit of muscle wasting in her shoulders, especially on one side, which was never going to repair itself. She had some urine burn on her legs. I've seen worse, but she still would have required bathing at least once daily for the rest of her life.

"Dr Saver also said she might be pregnant, but if so it was early and hard to be 100% sure.

"I really hated to do it, and it was tempting to take her home for a while and let her stay with me for a bit, even if only for a while. But she'd been comfortable and well-fed and fussed over for about 8 days, and frankly I think she'd been just about as happy as she was ever going to be during the past week. I hope it was enough to make her forget her former life.

"To tell you the truth I don't know how long it would have been before she started going downhill. Dr Saver said it might one month, it might be several months. She would have eventually, from the abnormal stresses on her body and the wear and tear.

"If I were home all the time to care for her I still think I would have liked to take her home for a while, but I think the extra time would have meant more to me than her. Unlike some bunnies who come from neglectful situations, she didn't seem psychologically traumatized. She was sweet and friendly, which of course just made it harder. I guess two things finally made me decide to do it now rather than later (and it definitely would have had to be done at some point). One was the uncertainty of how quickly her condition was going to deteriorate, and the other was that she was probably as happy during the past week as she was ever going to be, maybe more so, if she got worse. There wasn't really anything to gain by drawing it out."


Waylan, who for the longest time could not get adopted, was finally adopted! And he couldn't have gone to a nicer family. Waylan went from East Harlem to a Classic Seven on the UWS!!! Talk about rags to riches! In a much earlier entry I wrote that I would post pics of him & then never did, but now, in celebration of his indefatigably sweet spirit that the grit and grime of the shelter could not take away, here he is!!

Have you met my giant shiny forehead yet? No?! Well, here it is, posing with Waylan, of course!


It feels like a big relief to talk about Bridget, I was so horrified by her grotesque deformities and so smitten by her loving, affectionate, sweet demeanor that I cried when I saw her, cried when I had to pick her up and I cried when her foster mom called me to tell me the news before she sent the email - everyone knew I had a special soft spot for her; but the reality is a lot more complicated than that. I was alternately in love with her, disgusted by her disfigurement and ashamed at my repulsion to her body. Like every beauty I've met at the shelter, I learned so much from her. Unconditional love is more than just smiling lovingly at a cute bun - love is confrontational and ugly and demanding sometimes. At times, the ugliness of this world challenges your idea of love and you can sit there holding a nearly furless bunny in your lap and cry, or you can feed the furless bunny some parsley and smile. Bridget taught me that it can be hard to choose the parsley, but that it is the right choice. For 3 hours, I knew her, and she munched happily away on parsley the whole time. So go forth, bunlovers & when you're frightened or sad, remember to choose parsley.

These little creatures come into my life in the most unexpected ways for a brief moment in time yet leave an impression so lasting, I'm still reeling from the emotional experience of it all weeks later.

Image from the New York Animal Care & Control new ad campaign.

New York Animal c

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A tale of happy endings

Aug. 22nd, 2007 | 11:07 am
location: still in bed, sipping coffee
mood: gratefulgrateful

Without further adieu, may I present to you, Anthony-bun:

I think this pic best captures the overwhelming nature of the job of a bun-volunteer. As soon as you walk into the bunny ward, every little munchkin there is sticking his little nose through the bars of the cage, begging for some pets, a kiss, some fresh parsley. Their needs are so vast that it takes 4 or 5 hours to satisfy these little guys & honestly, by satisfy, I just mean tire them out from round 1 and sneak away to be with my own buns before these guys are ready for more.

Tony had a horrible case of urine scald. Because rabbits have a high ammonia content in their urine, their litter boxes must be changed every day or every other day. It is safe to say that angelbun Anthony was kept confined in a small cage where he was left to fester in his own excrement. When it began to burn the fur off of his body & caused his exposed skin to turn red, his "owners" set him free in Crotona park in the Bronx.

Although he was deathly skinny, terrified & scrapes & rashes covered his delicate exposed skin, his warm spirit and sense of adventure won the hearts of everyone who met him. It is always so wonderful to see these little rascals go on to such loving homes.

So, on the subject of success stories, here is another one - - we had this little wild man at the shelter for over 2 months. He is a white hotot named Otto. Although he was neutered, this guy was a total monsterbun! He loved to chew up everything in his cage, flip over his food dish & when I let him out to play he would literally binky until collapsing from exhaustion! He also would sometimes spray me with pee - I'm sure people on the train home thought I was a smelly freak. Which I guess I am, since it just made me laugh when he did it!

Well, he was finally adopted to be the loving companion of an elegant beauty we had at the shelter for a while as well, Celia. I haven't heard updates from their adopters as to how the bond went, but I will be sure to let you all know how their love story pans out:

Dashingly handsome Otto:

The exquisitely dainty Miss Celia (the thirstiest bun I've ever met, here she is in action):

Because I am loving my newly installed iPhoto, I will close with some pics of MJ deep in her afternoon nap. When she flops over practically onto her back, I know she is in do not disturb mode, but still, I can't help myself sometimes, so I took her picture and then tried to touch that soft white belly of hers which woke her up & with an angry flicking of her hind feet in my direction, she scampered off behind the fridge, where I couldn't see her or touch her :-(

p.s. you will notice some of her most adorable attributes here are her brown little lips, her giant hind feet, and that big white cottontail. I always tell her, God created this strange furry creature & he couldn't figure out what it should be so he stuck a white cottonball on its little bum & thus Mocha Jane was born.

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